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1. How is the Investactive Portfolio created?

70% of the allocation for your portfolio is recommended for our list of Top Picks while 30% is deployed in short to medium term trading ideas. (Read our latest Research at click here )

1) Out of the 70% allocation to PL Top Picks, 40% is invested in our Largecap Top Picks while 30% is invested in our Midcap picks. These stocks are picked from the entire list of stocks researched by PL and considered to be in the Top 20 picks by PL Analysts. Each scrip within each category gets an equal weight. Each stock comes with a research report backing it as well as a long term target price. This consists our “Invest” universe with very low amount of churn.

2) Out of the remaining 30%, 20% is invested into our Weekly and Monthly technical calls while 10% is invested into Alpha calls, which are stocks we expect to move up sharply in the medium term but not covered by our fundamental research teams. Both categories are shorter term in nature and therefore likely to be more “Active”. Each such trade comes with a target and a stoploss to ensure the portfolio stays healthy, Each recommendation typically gets a 2% weight of the portfolio size.

Note that the portfolio does not advise any derivatives positions nor any short positions and assumes no other kind of leverage. You are therefore investing the value you have and therefore no SMS’ on debits and late payments!

2. Why should I invest with Investactive?
  1. Diversity of themes in a single portfolio – Our Award Winning analysts pick out only the best for you from their own sectors and styles ensuring you have a wide variety of themes embedded in your portfolio.

  2. Position Sizing – Each trade has a limit and overall exposure to any specific theme or sector is limited

  3. Stop-losses and Targets followed with absolute discipline – no emotion!

  4. Month end Automatic Rebalancing – Favored picks down in price are added to, while winners are pruned to book profits regularly

  5. Active Cash Allocations – During adverse market conditions, portfolio moves to cash upto 30% as the Opportunity portfolio remains uninvested - till favorable trades present themselves.

  6. Monthly Review of Portfolio – Our analysts revisit the Top Picks portfolio every month to ensure you are invested in our best only! Stocks dropped from our top picks lists are dropped immediately and new ones added.

3. What is the performance of Investactive?

• The Service was started in February 2013 and has demonstrated excellent performance since its inception with lower volatility than the NSE Nifty , with a total return excluding dividend but including brokerage of close to 139% on March 5, 2017. For the latest performance, please click here ). Please note that the portfolio was started with an assumed corpus of Rs 10 lakh.

4. How do I Invest via Investactive?

You may choose to invest Rs 5 lakh and in multiples of Rs 50,000 via the Investactive strategy. To be able to participate, sign a declaration, that will allow PL to start advising you these trades actively

Once the account is opened, you will receive a Welcome mail that gives you the coordinates of the PL HO Investactive desk apart from other information. In addition, you will start receiving our SMS and Email recommendation updates.

Our Dealer will first initiate trades to align you immediately to the outstanding Investactive positions and from then on, recommend changes as and when our Research Team sends recommendations.

These trades may be

  1. 1) Executed locally by your Relationship Managers who tracks the Investactive recommendations actively OR

  2. 2) Executed at Prabhudas Lilladher Head Office Investactive desks.

These desks are expected to ensure that the trades and recommendations are followed exactly and that your portfolio captures the Model portfolio performance as closely as possible.

The desks will actively stay in touch with you and confirm trades apart from you receiving day end trade confirmations. Your portfolio performance is also captured at -> Trade Reports -> Investactive Client Reports

Do note that the actual portfolio performance may still deviate from the model due to slippages, taxes, brokerages applied, execution errors as well as size of portfolio versus the size of the model portfolio, which may not allow us to buy certain scrips to the full extent.

5. Who do I connect with to open an Investactive account?

You may contact any of our branches click here or mail us at to help us guide you on the account opening process.
You may also connect with our Customer Connect desks at 022-66322366 (9 AM- 6 PM/ Weekdays)

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